Sunrise or Sunset Open Water Boat Fishing

Seseh, the place where we grew up and learned to surf, is primarily a fishing village. Together with Seseh Bali Fishing Club, Bali Outdoor is campaigning for sustainable and responsible fishing. We strive to convince the fishing community to use only eco-friendly methods and tools.

Fishing with us is not just about catching fish, it’s about working together as a community and sharing our life experiences for a healthy marine eco system to maintain a sustainable sea food supply.

Using a vareity of methods, some of the fish species we may encounter include amberjack, barracuda, lobster, mahi-mahi, sailfish, spanish mackerel, tuna, giant trevally, yellow fin trevally, and wahoo.


Tours Price per person Details
Sunrise 1,490,000 IDR About four hours starting around 7:00 am.
Sunset 1,490,000 IDR About four hours starting around 3:00 pm.
See below to combine this tour with other packages

Tour includes:

  • Traditional Balinese boat with captain, guide, fishing rod, and bait.
  • Fishing license from the government.
  • Simple breakfast or Lunch.
  • Pick up and drop from your accommodation.

Tour does not include:

  • Insurance.

What to bring

  • Clothing suitable for ocean fishing (may get wet), towel, sun cream, and (optionally) a change of cloths.

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Surf Adventure / Sustainable Fishing / Beach Camping Options

Combine a half day of surfing with a half day of fishing and even an overnight stay on the beach with breakfast and dinner served.


Description Price per person, min 4 people if camping
Surfing, Camping, Fishing 1,580,000 IDR++
Fishing, Camping 2,040,000 IDR++
Surfing, Fishing 2,370,000 IDR

All prices include transportation to and from your accomodation in South Bali.

++ Price may vary depending on meal options. See Beach Camping for details.