Surf Adventures

Full Day / Half Day Surf Adventures

Having grown up in a small fishing village, we understand the ocean like a friend. With our local knowledge we will guide you to the best surf spot for the conditions at a given time. We will make your surf day fun, safe, and efficient.

Here's how we will make your tour easier:

  1. We will guide you in selecting the right surf spot, at the right time.
  2. We provide transportation to and from your South Bali accommodation.
  3. We will explain about the character of the surf spot, Where to paddle in and out.
  4. We will coach you on the technique of catching waves for a particular spot.
  5. After surfing we will help choose the best place to have lunch or dinner.


Description Price for one person** Price for two or more person**
Half day tour session sunrise or sunset 880,000 IDR Ask for discount
Full day tour (sunrise and sunset) 1,600,000 IDR Ask for discount
See below to combine this tour with other packages

** Friends who would like to come along but not participate may join us for 150,000 IDR per person.

Terms and conditions

  • The time and place of session will follow the tide and surf situation.
  • We will provide up to 2 hours of coaching.
  • Payment will be settled before the tour.

Tour includes:

  • Mineral water
  • Entrence fees to any surf spot

Tour does not include:

  • Insurance. Please check your travel or personal insurance for coverage of extreme sports like surfing. We are not liable for accidents or injuries incurred during our service.
  • Surf equipment. You can rent a surf board from us for an additional 100,000 IDR.
  • Lunch or dinner mentioned above.

What to bring

  • Your favorite surfboard, towel or sarong, sun cream, some cash for lunch or dinner.

Surf Adventure / Sustainable Fishing / Beach Camping Options

Combine a half day of surfing with a half day of fishing and even an overnight stay on the beach with breakfast and dinner served.


Description Price per person, min 4 people if camping
Half day Surfing, Camping, Fishing 2,920,000 IDR++
Half day Surfing, Camping 2,040,000 IDR++
Half day Surfing, Fishing 2,370,000 IDR

All prices include transportation to and from your accomodation in South Bali.

++ Price may vary depending on meal options. See Beach Camping for details.